We are very proud to offer Urbane Grain Ancient Grain 3 Minute Meals!
A new line of great tasting, protein-packed, microwaveable meals
served up fast and fabulous!

These RESTAURANT QUALITY MEALS are made with ancient grains, whole grain pasta, and the finest vegetables and herbs the world has to offer and they are READY IN ONLY 3 MINUTES in the microwave.Each PROTEIN-PACKED meal contains up to 9 GRAMS OF PROTEIN and 6 GRAMS OF FIBER for a HEALTHY, SATISFYING and DELICIOUS MEAL at home or ON-THE-GO.




Tuscan Cacciatore

This mainstay of Italian restaurant favorites headlines the Urbane Grain Ancient Grain 3 Minute Meals line up. Fragrant red and green peppers, real Shitake mushrooms and the best herbs and spices are combined in a rich tomato/wine sauce. All this goodness is generously ladled over tender ziti rigati to offer the best of Italy for consumers at home, at the office or on the go.  

Beef Burgundy

The memorable tastes of savory Midwestern beef, potatoes and mushrooms come together in a rich sauce of tomatoes, onion and French red wine to create a robust eating experience beyond compare. An American meat and potatoes favorite with a hint of the Bordeaux countryside…hot and fresh right from your own microwave.



Double Cheese & Kale

Everyone loves cheese. Whether it’s Cheddar, Parmesan or something else, over 95% of Americans have eaten cheese in the past 12 months. In our Double Cheese & Kale we have taken these two favorite cheeses and combined them with the very healthiest kale available, spinach, butter and savory garlic and teamed them all up with our special ziti rigati for a taste treat beyond compare.

Miso & Shaved Mushrooms

Umami and more come together in this special recipe! We start with real red miso imported from Japan and add to it shaved Shitake mushrooms, chopped green onions, spinach and our special blend of herbs and spices. This is a sensational recipe reminiscent of your favorite Japanese restaurant.


Fire Roasted Corn & Black Bean

California black beans, red onions, bell peppers, red ripe tomatoes and two kinds of Midwestern sweet corn make this summertime favorite a meal for all year round. Give this delicious item a try and see if it doesn't bring back memories of warm sunshine, summer salads and outdoor dining.




Mexican Beef Sonoran

The rich beefy goodness of this offering will satisfy the heartiest appetite. We combine red and green bell peppers, field-grown tomatoes and real beef flavors along with 3 kinds of protein-loaded beans and long grain rice to fill you up with all the healthy goodness the earth can muster.  


Feta & Olive Mediterranean

Whole sliced black olive rings and feta cheese are the stars in this very special meal. We add in minced onions, Shitake mushrooms and our tender ziti rigati for a delightful dining experience.