“People who are not interested in food always seem rather
dry and unloving and don’t have a real gusto for life!” 
-- Julia Child

Inspired by our  journeys around the world  & our  experiences at some of the finest restaurants in great urbane centers (that’s one of the reasons for our name!), our side dishes are created to be a celebration of delicious & healthy eating.


Our Side Dishes

There are 9 superb tasting flavors in the Urbane Grain® brand side dish line-up.  The line has been designed to offer both indulgent, familiar flavors as well as newer, trend savvy offerings.  Urbane Grain side dishes are gluten free and all natural.


Sundried Tomato & Basil    


Made with organic  quinoa along with organic millet and all natural sundried tomatoes this product packs a front end flavor explosion never before seen in the side dish category. With a great, whole grain texture, superb mouth feel and a garden fresh finish of basil, sea salt and other delicious ingredients, we think you will be delighted  with this flavor.




Three Cheese & Mushroom


This is quite possibly the most indulgent flavor in our collection of culinary delights. Made from organic quinoa, organic millet and all natural Romano and Cheddar cheeses, plus 12 month aged Parmesan; this product has a rich aroma and texture that will prove irresistible to the cheese lovers in your family. And, by adding in sliced mushrooms, sea salt and farm-picked herbs we have created a side dish that is a prime example of complex flavors and textures blending together into a harmonious and satisfying eating experience. Enjoy!



Southwest Black Bean                                                  

We love this item so much we would put it up against any chef's side dish in any restaurant in any great city in America. It's a big, bold offering created to stand up to a hearty piece of beef and a glass of robust red wine. Organic quinoa, organic millet and parboiled brown rice create the healthy backdrop for the sensory delights that await your first bite of this mouth filling offering. In addition, we've added in super sweet yellow corn and flavorful black beans and combined them all with New Mexico green chilies and other great stuff to make this one an award winner at any cook-off. Enjoy!



Miso with Edamame & Scallions


This is meant to evoke the wonderful, subtle flavors and aromas of your favorite sushi restaurant. Like our other great flavors, this one starts off with organic quinoa and organic millet. Then it takes this culinary experience to the next level of taste by adding in authentic organic red miso, real shredded Japanese nori, organic scallions and the nuance of Edamame. Umame you say? You bet!





Thai Red Curry

If you love Thai cuisine this side dish is perfect for you, Urbane Grain's® Thai Red Curry provides multiple levels of delicious tastes and textures. On the front end, we feature palate-pleasing sweet notes. As the eating experience continues, the satisfying textures and tastes of our whole grains combined with carrots and onions become evident. And, on the finish, there's just the right amount of Thai-inspired heat, generated from our specially developed curry recipe which features almost a dozen delectable ingredients. Enjoy!




Indian Coconut Curry


Some of us at Urbane Grain® believe Indian cuisine will someday rival Chinese food in popularity in the hearts and minds of Americans. Like our other recipes this one features organic quinoa and organic millet for whole grain goodness. Then we add real coconut milk powder and combine it with traditional Indian ingredients like coriander and petite peas. We then finish it with one of our own specially formulated curry recipes. We believe we have created a superb blend of Indian flavors that presents subtle up front coconut notes, followed by an unmatched Indian curry flavor and finished by a heat level that's just enough without being overwhelming. Go ahead, give it a try!


Smokey Bacon 

This delicious new Urbane Grain® flavor is sure to be a hit at your house.  Recognizing the incredible popularity of bacon, we have created just the right amount of smoky bacon flavor to nicely complement your main dish and delight the bacon lovers in your house.  Starting with real bacon flavors and adding in our special recipe of herbs and spices, we have created a side dish that will leave your family asking for more.




Cracked Black Pepper & Sea Salt 

Utilizing only the finest black peppercorns and real sea salt from around the world,we believe we have created a flavor profile that will become a family favorite.  When these great flavors are combined with our organic quinoa and other healthful grains, they provide a superlative mouth feel and zesty, peppery flavor to make healthful eating a delightfully savory experience.




Roasted Garlic and Fines Herbes 

This new flavor is where California garlic meets traditional French herbs to create a classic side dish. We start with real California garlic and combine it with coarsely chopped parsley. Then we add our unique recipe of herbs of spices to complete a side dish fit for any table…at home or at your favorite French bistro. Bon appetite, mon ami!