Restaurant Quality

The definition of restaurant quality does not appear in Webster's or Epicurious.  However, we believe the term to be highly descriptive of what we want Urbane Grain® to represent to you.  Therefore, the team at Urbane Grain® would suggest the following definition for your consideration.

Specifically, we want "restaurant quality" to be the type of at home dining experience which is reminiscent of your memorable dining experiences at the finest restaurants in major urban centers.

While we can't provide flowers on the table, linen napkins or an outstanding wine list, our team has taken great care to ensure that the Urbane Grain® eating experience is one to be savored and enjoyed. 

From our outstanding flavor selection (you won't find these flavors offered by other manufacturers), to the high quality ingredients (like quinoa, millet and scallions), to the layered flavors which play on your tongue, we believe we have created a line of products that will keep you coming back for more, again and again. Just like to your favorite restaurant!  

We hope you agree that the Urbane Grain® team has created something special that will elevate your at home dining experience to something memorable.