The Story of Urbane Grain®


The Team



The strategic force behind Urbane Grain® has been in and around the food business for many years. When we decided to create the Urbane Grain® brand, our culinary team expanded to include several additional talents, including an exceptional chef from one of San Francisco’s finest restaurants and and an outstanding food scientist with experience at one of America's most successful food companies.  The expanded culinary team worked tirelessly to create this branded line of healthy taste sensations.   


The result of this effort is the Urbane Grain® brand, meant to be a celebration of delicious, healthy eating, reminiscent of our most memorable dining experiences at the finest restaurants in great urban centers.  We know you will enjoy the superb taste.


Product Description

Urbane Grain® is a new brand of all natural, restaurant quality, highly indulgent whole grain side dishes and meals.  The brand is designed to elevate your dining experiences whether at home, at work or on-the-go.


Ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth, sorghum and barley are today’s healthiest grains and the culinary team at Urbane Grain® has specially formulated different restaurant quality recipes to showcase their superb and memorable flavors. To complement their naturally great taste, we have added other flavorful, healthy whole grains, pastas and the finest all natural herbs, spices and vegetables to create flavor profiles that will delight you.


Featuring a distinctive black label, highlighting the city lights of a great urban landscape, Urbane Grain® is packaged in state of the art containers to help protect its superb taste from oxygen and sun light.


Why Urbane Grain®?

The Urbane Grain® brand is different and better because: 

• Urbane Grain® offers new, restaurant quality flavors with the great, healthy taste of whole grain goodness

• The unique flavor and texture of today’s healthiest grains are growing very fast in consumer awareness and popularity
• We know what shoppers want because
   we did the research...
• Quinoa imports to the USA have tripled in the past 3 years 6
• Amaranth sales are up 123% versus  a year ago 1
• 44% of US households have eaten ancient grains 2
• 65% of urban consumers say great taste is key to their purchase 3
• 57% of consumers want more protein in their diet 4
• 61% of consumers cite "reduced time" and "less effort" as
   primary reasons they purchase convenience foods 5

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