Who We Are, What We Do

The team at Urbane Grain® is comprised of serious food lovers, just like you. For many years, we have been not just food lovers but serious food lovers and count a myriad of different ways we enjoy great food, from our own kitchens at home to the test kitchen at work to picnics on the beach to great restaurants in major urban centers.

Not surprisingly, most of the team likes to cook and eat at highly-rated restaurants. Being inspired in these high end restaurants and working in the office kitchen as well as in our own kitchens at home, the initial concept for Urbane Grain® was first conceived and developed. 

The team at Urbane Grain® has been in the food business for many years. Being in the food business, we have been dismayed for a long time at the unimaginative and somewhat flavorless prepared foods found in grocery stores.  Since all of our team loves to eat at highly acclaimed restaurants where flavor profiles are designed for the palates of the most discerning patrons, we noticed several trends appearing at great restaurants around the USA.  We were inspired with what we saw and ate.  We were especially taken by what great chefs could do with the unique flavor and texture of ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth, sorghum and others.

Bringing this inspiration back to our own kitchens several years ago, we created the new brand:  Urbane Grain®.  It is meant to be a celebration of delicious, healthy eating, reminiscent of our most memorable dining experiences at the finest restaurants in great urban centers. 



We hope you will enjoy the brand’s high concept flavors and textures as much as we did in creating them and as much as we do in eating them.